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Point of Sale – Hardware

Tysso (Fametech)


Fametech Inc. (Tysso) is a leading AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) and POS (Point-of-Sale) solution provider. It was first founded in 1981 as an Auto-ID trading company and had soon evolved and become a manufacturer in the AIDC market in 1990. As an ISO-9001/9002 certified manufacturer, Fametech Inc is the one of the first companies to start and develop in the field of Auto-ID and Point-of-Sales products. The company grew with a strong R&D background and the whole team is committed to stay at the leading edge of the Auto-ID and POS technology sphere.



WEBNVISION is a POS manufacturer producing a sort of computer, POS hardware, and also peripherals.

Based on our business mission of widely-usable Web based device development, and convenience through which anyone can easily use, we launched an ALL-IN ONE PRODUCT that combined a 3-inch printer, MSR, and convenient K/B, CDP (customer display) first-ever in Korea in 2004.

We are committed to becoming a POS manufacturer remarkably noted in the world market with a globalization strategy as a Korea’s typical brand. We also aim to lead worldwide trends by concentrating all our capacity on the development of products leading the world market on the basis of challenging sprit.



Established in 2007, AdvanPOS vision is to leverage the cutting-edge technology to provide advanced Point of Service solutions. They combine the experiences of POS and IPC industries, move the technology forward, and dedicate to create an efficient and high-quality platform to provide simple, smart, engaging, reliable, green and innovative POS products.

AdvanPOS brand comes from the combination the two words of Advance and POS. The brand encapsulates the promise to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of users and customers in order to deliver innovative solutions that are advanced and easy to experience.

AdvanPOS offers a wide range of POS products that meet the demands for diversified applications for a vertical market and for OEM/ ODM requirements. POS products are designed based on the specific and specialized needs from customers and users to make products suitable for hospitality and retail environments. The Solutions provided by AdvanPOS are: