• Guardus

Guard Tour System



Guardus is the most durable and resistant equipment for the identification and control of timed activities available in the market. Guardus G3 is an integral part of the Contronics range of products for the control of rounds and external activities, which is composed of many other pieces of equipment and software programs. Guardus G3 is a product which offers reliability and security, besides being very user friendly. It can be applied to almost any type of activity, and it allows the automation of existing processes.

Guardus G3 has wide applicability to the industrial, commercial, service and agricultural areas, in particular:

  • Electronic surveillance (control of guards and watchmen)
  • Mail control and documentation delivery
  • Maintenance and inspection in remote sites
  • Classification, delivery and collection of agricultural products
  • Supervision and control of construction sites (personnel, hired equipment, etc.)
  • Process control

Catalogue – Guardus G3